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Sand-blasting is a procedure where a special abrasive sand is applied to a stenciled surface at a very high pressure.

When the stencil is removed, the areas affected by the sand abrasive appear frosted and grooved while the rest of the material retains its original look. The contrast of frosted and clear surfaces captures with its brilliancy and inspires outpost creativity.

Compatible materials include crystal, glass / glassware, and stone such as slate.

Laser Cutting / Laser Engraving

Using a Laser machine, materials such as acrylic, wood, and textiles can be cut to a custom shape.

Various materials such as crystal, lucite, metal, slate and wood can have their surface etched with fine details.

Full Color Direct UV Print

Print directly onto virtually any item, with incredible detail and stunning colour. Clear ink options offer spot gloss or matt finishes as well as stylish embossed effects. White ink is also available for adding touches of brilliance and to ensure bright colour quality on dark or clear substrates.


Sublimation ink, when heated, turns into a gas that embeds itself into anything with a polyester coating. This creates a cleaner, more professional look.

Compatible materials include polyester-coated metal sheets, ceramic mugs, and shirts.

Rigid Gift Box

Create a classy impression with custom hard boxes to present your gift in!

Paper colors and hotstamp colors are customisable, together with a choice of sponge lining or satin lining (colors for satin also can customise)